Reto Steffen – Humanitarian photographer & filmmaker

I'm passionate about giving a voice to people underrepresented in society from Switzerland, where I live, to the most remote corners of the world.

Who I am

I'm Reto Steffen, I live in Switzerland and work all over the world. I studied music theory, but now work as a web consultant, web developer, filmmaker, and photographer.
I'm passionate about giving a voice to people underrepresented in society. My travels and filming in Cambodia, Nepal, and Laos made me realize the importance of photography and film in sharing stories from "voiceless" people with a bigger audience. Usually, I now describe myself as a storyteller working with video, photography, and code.
I speak fluent German, French, English and understand a bit of Italian, Spanish, Russian.

My field experience as a photographer and filmmaker

  • Nepal
  • India
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • The Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Ethiopia

The Why and the How

It is a global world, yet we know so little about the people living in it.

For example, how do the farmers in Laos live and cultivate the coffee that we drink every day, or how does gardening help bring migrants and locals closer together in Switzerland?

I love exploring social and development issues by working together with NGOs and academics to put a face on complex issues and help bring them closer to an audience. Talk to me about your work and let me help you communicate it beautifully and effectively.

Explore my website

Don't hesitate to explore the website to see my recent film and photography work. To learn about my web development work, go to my dev blog. For travel tips, go to my travel blog.

Some of my work on the internet

I did a Multimedia story for Fastenopfer about the Rural Women's from South Africa with my pictures, audio, and video. It's now online in German, French and Italian.

The Center for Development and Environment from the University of Bern used one of my pictures from Laos in their 2017 Annual report (pages 6-7).

A story about my trip to South Africa and meeting the women of the Rural Women's Assembly has been published on a new platform, "Creatives for Conservation" as "Seeds of Hope: Rural Women's Assembly".