Documentaries & videos

A selection of videos I worked on as a (co)-director, cameraman and editor.

Short film - A morning in Varanasi, India

I was lucky to be able to visit Varanasi, India, earlier this year where I spent two weeks taking photographs and filming. I wanted to give you a quick glance into everything that happens on a typical morning along the Ganges in this short film.
The music is provided by an impromptu group that assembled every morning to welcome the sunrise.

R4D Feminization, agricultural transition and rural employment

Have you ever wondered where your coffee comes from and how the people growing it live?

Over the last few weeks, I had the pleasure of joining researchers from the University of Bern and the National University of Laos who are studying how the increasing demand for coffee is shaping the livelihoods of farmers in Laos. Videos on how the research was done as well as personal stories from coffee farmers are now out and you can see them here.

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Rubber in a Rice Bowl

The reportage addresses the topic of the current rubber boom and how it affects livelihoods and food security through the voices of the local population. It further raises the question as to how the local community takes part in the process of the agrarian transition driven by large-scale rubber companies and to what extent it can benefit from the transformation.

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Dōdhār – the dilemma

Outmigration is not new in rural Nepal, but recently villages have seen all their working men leave their families for years on end. “The dilemma” explores how this affects the migrants as well as their mothers, wives and children and what are the impacts on village life, agriculture and the environment.

Food consumption dynamics among the urban middle classes in South and Southeast Asia

6 short videos on food consumption and food waste in Bangalore, India and Manila, the Philippines.

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